We are foremost in providing bespoke training for workplace competence and qualifications across Herefordshire, Worcestershire and further afield.

We have a positive and dynamic approach to working with companies from the manufacturing, processing, finance, legal and service sectors, ranging from small family businesses to major international companies, together with utilities companies, local authorities and primary health care trusts.

We believe in providing help and advice in a positive way, and are enthusiastic and work hard to develop on-going relationships with our members and customers.   We work in partnership with individual organisations to identify their training requirements both to develop existing employees and to recruit and train new personnel.

What makes us special?

We are financed and controlled by local companies. This means that our member companies decide how they want their training organisation to be run for maximum benefit to their businesses, employees and the local community.   It means that we design our training provision in direct consultation with our customers.  With our expert staff and top class facilities, we can provide ‘off site’ training and ‘on site’ support, brought together seamlessly into an effective training solution. This in turn produces employees who are skilled and motivated, able to fit in easily to the work environment for which they have been trained.