Engineering Apprenticeships

General Information

  • Apprenticeships take between 2 and 4 years.
  • Training takes place initially in our own well-equipped Training Centres - 42 weeks full time for Level 3 or 20 weeks in blocks for Level 2
  • Apprentices gain additional qualifications including First Aid and Functional Skills and attend regular physical activities, including a one week residential course.
Jumping Apprentices

Welding is an important area of Engineering, from development right through to production. Welders are responsible for:

  • setting and operating welding equipment and machinery
  • completing inspections to ensure compliance to national standards for weld quality
  • understanding and producing a variety of welded joints
  • Preparing materials ready to join by cutting, bending and folding

Toolmaking and CNC Machining is a key area of engineering support for many manufacturing processes.
Toolmakers/Machinists will:

  • Manufacture using own initiative and design or interpret customer requirement
  • Understand and use a variety of hand and machine tools
  • Produce diagrams and programmes confirming to British and International standards and to customer specifications
  • Modify and control CNC programmes


Assembly Engineers are responsible for assembling materials and parts using instructions and appropriate tools.
This role involves:

  • Read and interpret drawings and specifications.
  • Inspect wiring installations, mechanical assemblies and electronic circuits.
  • Adjust, repair and correct defects.
  • Test product to ensure conformance to specifications.

Maintenance Engineers are a key part of the team, they ensure production continues efficiently.
This role consists of:

  • Installing machinery and advanced equipment
  • Fault finding, testing and monitoring
  • Repairing and replacing components
  • Ongoing improvement and preventative maintenance planning


Design Engineers develop and create Engineering products, see your designs come to life!
This role involves:

  • Working to meet customer specifications
  • Understand methods for designing projects
  • Analyse designs against the brief
  • Produce detailed design drawings

Although production processes and products are carefully designed, it is often necessary to adapt for market, technology or customer reasons.
Productions Engineers will:

  • Establish areas for improvement
  • Review quality and efficiency of existing products and processes
  • Demonstrate benefits of proposals, including costings
  • Work with the customer and productions teams


Career Options

  • Computer Aided Design Engineer
  • Project Engineer
  • Quality or Test Engineer
  • Electronics Engineer
  • CNC Machinist programmer
  • Toolmaker / Machinist
  • Multi Skilled Maintenance Technician
  • Welder / Fabricator

Entry requirements

  • Grade 5 or above Maths plus at least 4 further GCSE’s at grade 4 or above.
  • Commitment, determination and enthusiasm!


  • Apply to HWGTA by carefully completing our application form
  • All applicants undergo assessment and interviews
  • Recruitment is between December and July. Apprenticeship starts in September.
  • Companies make the final recruitment decision and all Apprenticeship places are employed positions.

Apprentice Story

Jemma Dighton
Jemma Dighton
Mechanical Maintenance Engineer

I’m Jemma and currently a second year Apprentice for Yamazaki Mazak. I came across Mazak through work experience in 2015 whilst I was completing my GCSE’S. After this experience, I decided that Engineering was the pathway I wanted to take for my future career.

Since being employed by Yamazaki Mazak they have taken the time to shape me into the confident female engineer I am today. Through the skills I have gained from the training centre at WGTA (Worcester branch of HWGTA), and the hands on work I have been tasked with whilst in company, I feel that I now have the solid foundation to succeed.

Deciding to become an Apprentice was the best choice for me. It has given me the experience of working inside a company as well as the theory I have learnt from college.

Jemma Dighton

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