HWGTA Feedback and Complaints Policy

In order to build on strengths and identify areas for improvement, HWGTA welcomes feedback from our customers, about any element of our service including:

  • Apprenticeship Programmes
  • Adult Workforce Course Delivery
  • Distance Learning Exams
  • Room Hire

Your comments will be passed to our Quality team who will respond to you within 5 working days


Complaints Policy Statement

HWGTA values all customer feedback and takes any cause for dissatisfaction very seriously.  The Purpose of the Complaints Procedure is to:

  • Ensure complaints are recorded and investigated thoroughly in a transparent manner
  • Ensure that customers feel that any concerns are dealt with professionally and at the appropriate level.
  • Restore customer trust where this has been lost
  • Develop services through customer feedback
  • Avoid future customer dissatisfaction

To ensure that complaints are investigated as thoroughly as possible and in a timely fashion, we would expect any complaints to be reported within 1 month of any incident or concern. 


All Customers of the Association including

  • Employers
  • Learners
  • Delegates
  • Other customers

Complaints are defined as:

A written complaint in email or letter

A verbal complaint – sometimes individuals or employers might make a comment about being unsatisfied with the service that they have been given.  This should be treated in the same way as a written complaint unless the individual or company states otherwise.

A negative comment via an evaluation form or process.  In this case the manager responsible for counter signing the evaluation forms would decide if the comment should be documented within the complaints system


1. All staff

2. Chief Executive (CE)

3. Operational Managers (OM’s)

4. Quality manager (QM)


Please complete the feedback form below:

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