Benefits of hiring an Apprentice!

  • 95%-100% qualification funded by ESFA

  • Freshen up your workforce

  • New member of staff keen to learn

  • 90% of Apprentices stay on in the workplace after completing

  • ESFA Cash Incentives of up to £3000 for hiring an apprentice




An apprenticeship is a programme of learning whereby existing staff or new employees will develop knowledge, skills and behaviours within a defined vocational area or job role, often leading to nationally recognised qualifications. HWGTA can advise on which apprenticeships may be most suitable for your current business and future aspirations.

Your apprentice should be treated as any normal employee and be issued with your own employment contract with full terms and conditions. As the employer you’ll be committed to ensuring the apprentice is developed and given 20% off the job training time in order for them to complete the apprenticeship qualification within the given time scale.

Yes! Since the apprenticeship reforms, it is now possible to study a range of professional and vocational areas up to level 7 (equivalent to a Masters Degree). Apprenticeships are available to upskill existing staff in many job roles. Why not check out our Accountancy and Management Higher Apprenticeships.

HWGTA provide a structured timetable of classroom based teaching:

Accountancy will receive 1 day a week training for the duration of the apprenticeship. Business Administration / Customer Service Apprentices receive mandatory sessions, from 9-15 sessions throughout the duration of the apprenticeship, 1 day a week.

Monitoring Officer visits will be in the workplace every 4-6 weeks for approx 1 hour, ensuring the apprentice is on track, discussing welfare, individual progress, setting & planning future targets, discussing off the job training.

In addition to the day release training provided by HWGTA, apprentices can also attend other forms of off the job training such as E-learning, in-house training, coaching, 1:1s and shadowing.

Engineering apprentices at HWGTA generally spend their first year in one of our training centres (42 weeks or 2 x 20 weeks in blocks), before entering the workplace for years 2-4 during which they will receive regular monitoring visits from an HWGTA training officer. Learners will be required to attend further training days at HWGTA on a weekly basis during their second year (and beyond if taking additional elements/qualifications).

Extra training days may be required if your Apprentice requires Functional skills in English and Maths.

Apprenticeship durations differ from each programme and level but will always be a minimum of a year.

We always encourage employers to use the apprenticeship programme as a method of developing their future workforce however if it is not possible for the business to offer continuing employment then you do not have to keep the apprentice on after completion of their apprenticeship.

Employers with an annual wage bill of £3million or more pay 0.5% of their wage bill into their levy “pot”. This is then topped up by 10% by the Government and this ring-fenced fund can only be used to fund apprenticeship training. Funds within your levy “pot” must be used within 2 years or this will be lost and go back into the Government pot. HWGTA can advise on the technicalities relating to using your levy funds, as well as work with you to devise a clear and cost-effective training strategy.

The Government support and fund the qualification costs of the apprenticeship training, a minimum of 95% -100% funding is available.  HWGTA will administer and manage this process for you and ensure all ESFA compliance is adhered to.

The maximum you will need to pay towards your apprenticeship training will be 5% of the qualification cost. You will be responsible for paying the apprentices salary in accordance with the National minimum wage

Please view our Employer Incentives page to find out more.

If you employ a 16-18 year old Apprentice, or a 19-23 with an Education Health & Care Plan, there is an incentive payment of £1000 available.

The incentive payments are usually claimed by HWGTA and passed on to Employers in line with ESFA guidelines.

During the Covid-19 recovery there are extra incentives available which require employers to register. Find out more on our Employers Incentives page.

  • Awarded Ofsted "Outstanding"
  • Established in 1967
  • Employer led, not for profit organisation
  • Committed to providing high quality, cost effective training
  • Based in the heart of Hereford and Worcester
  • Significantly better than the National Average Success rates and the best across the two counties
  • With regards to employer feedback, we are in the top 12% nationally and have the best verifiable employer feedback across the two counties.

Call the team who will happily discuss with you the options you have and what programme is best suited to the needs of your business. Whether you have a candidate in mind, an existing employee or looking for a new recruit we will advise you of the next step.

HWGTA offer a recruitment service where we will advertise your position, screen and assess candidates and then forward you the suitable applicants for you to interview.

We pride ourselves on trying to match your requirements in order to find you the best suited apprentice for your business…

Employer Story

HR Smith
Colin Edwards
Senior Production Engineer and Apprentice Co-ordinator

I have always been an advocate of apprenticeships since I completed mine in the 1970’s. I thoroughly enjoyed the four years, especially the first year at the HWGTA training centre. Including my time as an apprentice, I have been in engineering for over 48 years now, thanks to the HWGTA!

My son left school and went to sixth form however it wasn’t for him so I took him to one of the HWGTA’s open evenings. He liked what he saw and applied for an engineering apprenticeship, he hasn’t looked back since. My daughter also went to sixth form, with the intention of becoming a primary school teacher, but two years later she had changed her mind. I took her to an HWGTA open evening and she liked the look of an accountancy apprenticeship. She successfully completed her apprenticeship and is now working hard to become a chartered accountant.

I have been the apprentice co-ordinator at the HR Smith Group of Companies for a while and during that time have helped many young people to become engineers of the future. I enjoy the process of choosing new apprentices each year and take great pride in seeing them collecting their certificates four years later at the HWGTA awards evening.

I have helped many young people to become engineers of the future

Colin Edwards

Employer Story

NHS Worcs
Rebecca Kear-Bertie
Apprenticeship & Widening Participation Lead

HWGTA have been providing our business administration apprentices for the last 8 years.  They have a really good understanding of the demands on the NHS and always do their best to support our apprentices through their programmes be it new or existing employees.  The staff at  HWGTA are great, knowledgeable, always friendly and willing to help in any way they can. 

Long may our partnership continue!

Rebecca Kear-Bertie

Employer Story

Central Roofing and building services
Gemma Allen
HR Manager

Central’s first Apprentice was approx. 15 years ago, as a company we have always seen the importance and benefits of employing apprentices.  Over the past three years we have had employees undertake the Customer Service, Business Admin and AAT apprenticeship courses.

Diversity is key to ensuring a progressive workplace and bringing in Apprentices, fosters a collaborative workplace between a range of workers from different backgrounds.  At Central this has been extremely beneficial; the Apprentices have brought a great energy and plenty of new ideas to the business and helped in us moving forward with Technology and the use of Social Media. As a company we can develop the Apprentices’ skills that are relevant to our organisation and their chosen field.  The training provided by HWGTA means we have been able to develop well trained, highly skilled staff that add value to our company. 

From the initial recruitment to the assessment sessions, and through to the end of course awards the service provided by HWGTA is exceptional.  They are very efficient, and all the Apprentices always have great things to say about their assessors and tutors.  As a company we have also used HWGTA for one day courses such as First Aid, IT Skills and many more. 

 We would highly recommend them to any company who are considering taking on an Apprentice.

Gemma Allen

Employer Story

acre logo
Nicola Mason
Practice Manager at Acre Accountancy

When our company wanted to start offering Accountancy Apprenticeships in 2016, we approached HWGTA because of their excellent reputation.  Their professional approach through each step of the recruiting process is outstanding and all the staff are very supportive and friendly.

Apprentices are monitored on a regular monthly basis and the training received is of a very high standard which is evident in our apprentices’ exceptional exam results.  HWGTA really do look after both the apprentice and the employer.  Would highly recommend.

Nicola Mason

Employer Story

abacus logo
Mike Boyles
Branch Manager, Hereford

Abacus has worked in partnership with HWGTA for more than a decade! Over the years HWGTA has provided us with quality apprentices who are ideally looking for a career with Abacus -two members of our current management team were originally supplied by HWGTA. Apprentices feel well supported by HWGTA while being suitably challenged to meet their course objectives. We are confident that our future plans for growth will be supported by our ongoing partnership with HWGTA.

Mike Boyles

Employer Story

Hereford Medical Group
Marcia Martin
Quality & HR Manager

I have personally used HWGTA to access apprentices for both Business and Customer Care apprentices for the last 5 years. Candidates have a very thorough interview process with HWGTA , which is really to helpful to us when selecting  candidates for interview, and identify those candidates that may be  suitable for our business. They provide an  excellent service in terms of support to both the apprentice and our organisation. They keep us updated regularly both via the onsite visits and email—and always at hand to discuss any concerns we may have.

Candidates have a very thorough interview process with HWGTA

Marcia Martin

Employer Story

Thorne Widgery
Jessica Pritchard
Sales and Marketing Manager

The team are very supportive and understand the importance of getting high calibre, hardworking apprentices with great technical skills to ensure we have the strong resources to grow our business.

The team at HWGTA have got to know the way that Thorne Widgery operates, and the personality and attitudes that will fit within our existing team.

They are very approachable and helpful, and this great relationship has contributed to the awards received by us and several our apprentices over the past few years.

We have built a great relationship with HWGTA over the many years we have worked with them

Jessica Pritchard

Employer Story

Worcestershire County Cricket Club
Sarah Gluyas
Finance Manager

HWGTA have been a very proactive and supportive training provider to Worcestershire County Cricket Club as an employer and also to our apprentice employee.  Their initial assistance with the recruitment process was very helpful and the ongoing monitoring ensures our apprentice is making excellent progress with their training

HWGTA have been a very proactive

Sarah Gluyas

How do I start the take on an Apprentice?

Call the team who will happily discuss with you the options you have and what programme is best suited to the needs of your business. Whether you have a candidate in mind, an existing employee or looking for a new recruit we will advise you of the next step.

HWGTA offer a recruitment service where we will advertise your position, screen and assess candidates and then forward you the suitable applicants for you to interview.

We pride ourselves on trying to match your requirements in order to find you the best suited apprentice for your business…