Policy Statement

The Association will use its best endeavours to safeguard learners deemed to be ‘children’ through the implementation of this policy.  Children are learners under 18 years of age taking part in vocational training with the Association.

The Association will ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that any Employer placement used is aware of, and complies with the requirements of this Safeguarding policy.

Staff and placement providers will receive guidance and where appropriate, training on child protection issues.  



This policy is provided for all HWGTA staff and apprentice learners.



  • Chief Executive
  • Senior Management Team
  • Designated Safeguarding Lead
  • Safeguarding Team
  • All staff


Supporting documents to the Safeguarding and Prevent Policy:

  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy
  • Staff Code of Conduct
  • Staff Handbook
  • Apprentice Code of Conduct
  • Harassment and Bullying policy
  • Safeguarding Procedure and documentation
  • Staff Recruitment Policy


HWGTA’s Obligations

As a training provider we have a legal responsibility to safeguard all learners in our care.   In order to do this, we will ensure that all employees have an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check and it is obtained before any appointment is made.   Those already in employment at HWGTA, have had enhanced DBS checks undertaken. 

Part of our commitment to Safeguarding is ensuring that everyone is aware of the organisation’s policies, procedures and systems.   Every allegation that is made, must be taken seriously and the correct action and steps must be taken.

As a Training Provider, we have certain obligations that we must carry out to ensure the safest working environment we can, for both learners and employees. We must make sure that:

  • There is a comprehensive and effective safeguarding policy in place
  • There is a designated person who deals with safeguarding
  • There are effective measures to ensure safer recruitment for staff

Staff at HWGTA will all go through formal safeguarding training, and procedures will be in place to ensure that the dissemination of safeguarding information is effective and efficient.

Learners and employers will receive an information booklet on safeguarding, whenever a new start occurs. 


For a copy of the full policy please speak to a member of staff at HWGTA