Wellbeing at HWGTA

We’re committed to creating a mentally healthy workplace. We want to ensure our workplace is somewhere people look forward to coming to every day, and where everyone feels supported. We signed the Time to Change Employer Pledge in 2020.

We have trained Mental Health First Aiders (MHFAiders) amongst our staff as a point of contact for colleagues, apprentices and learners. MHFAiders support someone who is experiencing a mental health issue, in the same way as a physical first aider would support someone who is experiencing a physical health issue. So if you or a colleague are in crisis or if you’re feeling emotionally overwhelmed, stressed or depressed, you can call on a MHFAider for support.

MHFAiders are not therapists, just as physical first aiders aren’t doctors – but they will be able to listen, reassure, and help in a crisis, and will be able to signpost someone to get the help they need. MHFAiders are valuable in providing early intervention help for someone who may be developing a mental health issue.

HWGTA Mental Health First Aiders poster


Sometimes if you are struggling to cope it can be difficult to make that initial approach for help, that is why we have also set up the wellbeing email address as shown in the poster above. You may also be the parent of an apprentice looking for support for them.

HWGTA has a page of wellbeing resources available for you to use or suggest to others at https://padlet.com/hwgta/wellbeing

HWGTA staff also have access to an employee assistance programme to help support their wellbeing needs.