Presentation Skills Training

This one day course is for anyone who has to stand up and speak to groups in the workplace. A successful speaker will command an audience, giving the focus to education, persuade and inspire.


There are different methods of presenting and various approaches will be considered. The course is very practical, ‘hands-on’, which means confidence is built substantially throughout the day.
Memory t
echniques will be considered to increase proficiency in public speaking and tips for winning the trust and confidence of groups will be discussed.


The training will cover the following areas:

    • Captivate people with your speaking skills
    • Win the trust and confidence of  your audience
    • Understand and enhance your natural style of presentation
    • Practice using a tree list to speak without notes
    • Organise a team presentation to ‘wow’ your listeners and convert them to customers
    • Handle questions in a professional and convincing way