Stress Management

This one day course is for anyone whose success at work is being undermined by stress. It will be shown that stress comes in many shapes and sizes and from various directions. In this course the roots of stress will be identified and coping strategies considered. A key theme to the day will be: How to take charge of life instead of life taking charge of you.

The training advises delegates on how to strike a healthy and meaningful balance between home and work life. The course will advise on how to slow down and yet increase productivity, and on when to say “No” and yet become more valuable to your business/family.

The training will cover the following areas:

  • The effects of stress on the individual
  • What are the roots of stress
  • What coping strategies might be employed
  • How to develop a meaningful work/home life balance
  • Why less is more, and why slowing down accomplishes more
  • Learning when to say “No” without giving offense
  • How to prevent stress attacks in the future