Skills Bootcamps

HWGTA, working in collaboration with Worcestershire County Council and the Department for Education, are offering the following skills programmes to local employers.

Skills Bootcamps are designed to provide an intensive short course (no longer than 16 weeks) that equips delegates with the specialist skills, knowledge and confidence needed for a career in the engineering and manufacturing sectors. The courses are open to adults, including those already employed, self-employed or not in work and will result in a recognised qualification.

Benefits of Skills Bootcamps

They help your business:

  • develop a loyal and talented workforce with the skills you need quickly.

  • futureproof your business in a rapidly changing labour market.

  • improve your productivity; learners are motivated to learn new skills, provide new ideas and a fresh perspective.

  • recruit staff with the right training and skills from the outset.

Employer Requirements

There is no cost to employers who recruit individuals who have previously completed a Skills Bootcamp.

Employers contribute to the cost of training if they want to use Skills Bootcamps to train their existing employees. Large employers contribute 30% of the cost, and small or medium employers (SMEs) contribute 10%.

Existing employees will need time to study and attend training, which differs depending on the course chosen.

Employers are expected to offer an opportunity for increased duties or responsibilities following the Skills Bootcamp training.

Courses Available

Course Title




Start Dates

Spaces available


Certificate in Welding Skills (City & Guilds)

10 days

Block release

August & November


Business Improvement Techniques (Lean Manufacturing)

Certificate in Applying Business Improvement Techniques (EAL)

12 days

Day release



Manufacturing Practices

Certificate in Manufacturing Practices (City & Guilds)

15 days

Block release



Course Outline – Welding

The Welding course will involve training and practical work carried out to achieve a City & Guilds welding qualification in either MIG or TIG welding. It is designed to take someone with no prior welding knowledge to a level where you could demonstrate sufficient knowledge and skills to gain employment as a welder. This will be done through training, demonstration and practical experience, getting hands-on to practice welding and build up confidence and skill.

The course will be delivered in our Engineering Centre in McKenzie Way, Worcester. The course will be a block release model, with 10 days delivered over 2 weeks.

The learning outcomes of the course are:

  • Produce a butt weld.

  • Produce a lap fillet weld.

  • Produce a tee fillet weld.

  • Produce a tube to plate tee fillet weld.

  • Know the process and health and safety requirements for welding.

  • Students will be required to complete five practical assignments and one spoken test.


Course Outline – Business Improvement Techniques / Lean Manufacturing

The Business Improvement Techniques (BIT) course will provide delegate with easy to understand, simple to deploy, techniques that will equip them with the skill sets to reduce waste, costs and generate value in any business involved in manufacturing or processing goods or a service.

Specific techniques will be learned that can be applied to your operations:

  • SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Dies). Teach your employees how to reduce changeover time, enabling you to produce more product per hour/shift and ensure your operators time is better utilised.

  • Value Stream Mapping. Teach your employees how to map out a manufacturing process/production line. Assign data such as cycle time and waiting/idle time to the map. Then identify areas of lead time reduction, such as eliminating bottle necks, re-routing the process etc.

  • 5S-Focus on workplace housekeeping, “everything has a place”, how to create and deploy shadow boards, the benefits in value (£) of having the correct tools, accessible to you, when required.

  • PDCA Cycle. How to execute and deploy process changes and improvements in a real-world environment, with emphasis on “Sustaining” a change.

  • Ishikawa Diagram & Route Cause Corrective Action. Teaches how to break down and get to the route cause of any problem, no matter how big or small, often relating to quality issues, ensuring the issue is contained immediately and a route cause solution found so that is doesn’t happen again.

  • Kaizen. Focuses on the tools and techniques to make small incremental improvements over time which result in a big overall impact.

The course will be delivered in our Engineering Centre in McKenzie Way, Worcester. The course will be a day release model, with 12 days delivered over 12 weeks.

Course Outline – Manufacturing Practices

The Manufacturing Practices course is for people who work, or want to work, in the manufacturing sector. It allows them to learn, develop and practice the skills required for employment and/or career progression in the manufacturing sector, culminating in a recognised City & Guilds qualification. This course is a mixture of practical, hands-on tasks and written work to record and document activities completed.

This course represents an ideal opportunity to upskill existing staff to function in a production and manufacturing environment.

The course will be delivered in our Engineering Centre in McKenzie Way, Worcester, by our experience Engineering team, who will support delegates through all aspects of the course.

The modules to be studied on the course are:

  • Understand statutory regulations and organisation safety requirements.

  • Manufacturing operation processes.

  • Produce a manufactured component.

  • Fault Finding.

  • Contribute to problem solving in working relationships.

  • One choice of Manufacturing products or Testing and Inspection.

The course will be delivered in our Engineering Centre in McKenzie Way, Worcester. The course will be a block release model, with 15 days delivered over 3 separate weeks.

For further information, or to express an interest in enrolling your employees on either of the Skills Bootcamps, please contact us:


Tel: 01905 729993

Skills Bootcamps – part of the Government’s Lifetime Skills Guarantee, helping everyone gain skills for life


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