Self Awareness Training

This course will provide learners knowledge of the importance of self-awareness and emotional intelligence, along with the skills needs to improve performance through feedback 

This includes a FREE psychometric test (TEIQue) and feedback session worth £95 per person

By the end of the session delegates will be able to:-

•    Understand the concept of self-awareness and how it can be used in the workplace/in management 
•    Know how to be self-aware and recognise the potential impact of own behaviours on self and others.
•    Understand inclusivity and unconscious bias and the impact this has in the workplace
•    Understand the use of Psychometric tools and learning styles and in understanding self
•    Describe and understand feedback and the importance of selecting the most appropriate feedback mechanisms (both positive and negative) to use according to the situation
•    Reflect how all of the above can impact on performance and making improvements in the workplace.