Introduction to Milling

Who is the course aimed at

The course is aimed at personnel with no previous machining training and for those tasked with performing basic machining operations on a Turret Mill or candidates such as technicians, designers & supervisors wishing to gain an appreciation in the subject as outlined in the course programme below.

This is a practical based course, carrying out exercises on real machinery, therefore the delegates are required to wear safety boots.

Do they need previous experience or qualifications to attend?

It would be an advantage if all candidates had previous experience with the use of reading and care of verniers, micrometres, DTI’s and other associated measuring equipment.


  • Introduction to milling using Vertical Milling Machine
  • Knowledge of milling cutters (Types, cutting materials and uses)
  • Mounting of milling cutters
  • Work holding methods
  • Milling horizontal, vertical and angular faces
  • Milling steps and shoulders
  • Milling slots, open and closed.
  • Use of appropriate measurement equipment as required.



To allow the candidate to safely and confidently operate the machine noted above, to perform the various tasks as outlined in the overview.



The course is “hands on” and totally workshop based, being observed at all times by the course tutor to ensure safe working and competence improvement with practice.