Giving Praise, Appreciation and Positive Feedback - A Daily Professional Practice

The progressive leader uses feedback, in the form of praise or correction as a springboard to move all relevant parties forward to the betterment of the company and the individual's development.  Delegates will learn how to harness the awesome power of praise, making it specific and strategic.  This will lead to a "blossoming" of staff motivation.

The course will also challenge leaders not to avoid giving difficult feedback but facing it honestly and forthrightly with safety tips for ensuring a positive and productive outcome.

This training day is very much a "hands-on" practical day.  Role-play will challenge delegates to face various kinds of feedback scenarios and brain-storming (mind showers) will release creative new thoughts on feedback flavours and frameworks.

  • Explain the responsibility of giving positive feedback
  • Demonstrate active listening and observational techniques
  • Give appropriate positive feedback to the four personality types
  • Recognize body language signals before giving positive feedback
  • Strategically give praise and encouragement
  • Identify the power of gratitude in increasing motivation