Introduction to PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers)

The course starts off with an introduction to programmable logic controllers, covering the basic knowledge of hardware and the types of connected peripheral devices. It then leads on to provide the delegates with knowledge of programming language and how the software and hardware interact.

This will be followed by electro pneumatic control and PLC networking. Content varies between simulation and wiring exercises.


  • Identify types of PLCs & understand logic functions
  • Identify IEC 61131 -3 program elements for  contacts, coils, memory bit flags, timers, counters
  • Create a simple ladder program with rung comments and I/O allocation names
  • Hardwire digital and analogue devices to the PLC including switches, proximity sensors, contactors, solenoid coils
  • Configuring systems to establish communication via direct connection or via a network
  • Create sequential programs with more advanced functions
  • Electro pneumatic control
  • Search, fault find & edit programs


Logosoft & Step 7

Allen Bradley code (simulated)

Mitsubishi code (simulated)