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Presentations by HWGTA Staff

HWGTA staff will take you through the main elements of the Apprenticeship programmes and Recruitment process.

Don't worry if you missed our live presentations during our virtual open evenings, simply follow the links below to watch!


Business Administration & Customer Service

Commerce Recruitment


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Acre Accountancy

Thorne Widgery


Platform Housing

Central Roofing and Building Services


Apprentice experiences


Business Administration Apprenticeships - Ellen's Story

Business Administration Apprenticeships - Laura's Story

Business Administration Apprenticeships - Fran's Story

Business Administration Apprenticeships - Sana's Story

Customer Service Apprenticeships - Tess' Story

Customer Service Apprenticeships - Ryan's Story

The following videos were created as part of our Annual Apprentice Awards in previous years

Accountancy Apprenticeships - Charlotte's Story

Accountancy Apprenticeships - Ben's Story

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