Managing Conflict and Difficult People

Whether at work, in the family or socially, we are faced with differing perceptions, difficult personalities and breakdowns in communication. Being able to deal with such situations confidently enables employees to protect themselves in the face of confrontational behaviour.  The training encourages and empowers the individual to take control – identifying, defusing and redeeming a situation.

The skill of conflict resolution draws us closer to other people, as we jointly search for fair solutions and balanced needs. Difficult people are not necessarily “bad” people and the manner in which we address their difficult behaviour will dictate whether we can turn them around and help them, or offend them and increase the problem. This course will help delegates understand how people operate and how to respond to challenging behaviour in such a way as to create a “win-win” situation for all parties.

At the end of the day delegates will be able to:

  • Define conflict & see why it can be good as well as bad
  • Understand the four types/roots of conflict
  • Understand the stages of conflict
  • Apply conflict resolution styles
  • Develop active resolution skills including body language and communication skills to good effect
  • Look at the 10 types of difficult people
  • Self/team analysis