Introduction (Entry Level) Electrical Course - 2 days

This entry level course is tailored for delegates in the Engineering and manufacturing field who have no prior experience with electrics and need to acquire basic knowledge in this area.

The course delivery will be workshop-based, emphasizing a hands-on approach. While the introduction will take place in the classroom to cover health and safety, the practical elements will be conducted entirely within the workshop setting. This approach ensures that participants gain practical skills and familiarity with electrical concepts.


  • Introduction to electrical supply and distribution.
  • Electrical safety and isolation, LOTO, dead testing.
  • Practical sessions –
    • Cable and wire identification.
    • Ohms law.
    • Lighting circuits
    • Power circuits
    • Inspection & testing.
    • Component replacement.
  • The course has been designed to give electricians time to hone their skills
  • It is “off the job” which removes you from a fast-paced environment
  • However, it is capped at two days to prevent major disruption
  • A mixture of practical and theory-based learning using the latest regulations and equipment


Practical exercises and questions


Herefordshire Group Training Association, Holmer Road, Hereford, HR4 9SX


HWGTA Certificate