Feedback and Appraisals

The process of giving feedback both at a calendared review and as an ongoing practice is fraught with dangers but this course teaches how to address both positive and negative feedback in a bold, caring and constructive way. Genuinely skilful feedback does not avoid difficult issues but rather tackles the issues honestly whilst providing a supportive framework.

Content of the course includes;

  • Defining what an appraisal is and what it seeks to do
  • The core components of an appraisal
  • What ‘added value’ can come from appraisals
  • The pro’s and con’s of appraisals
  • The reasons why we apprise people and who needs what: staff, manager, HR, company, other
  • Motivation through appraisals
  • The appraisals process – stages
  • What feeds in and out of the appraisals process
  • The appraiser’s toolbox: communication, listening, effective questioning, feedback
  • Setting targets: inputs, outputs, outcomes, impacts
  • When things go wrong….!
  • Case studies/role play