Advanced Excel

This course is designed to increase knowledge of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and is particularly aimed at those with strategic decision-making and forecasting roles in an organisation and those who wish to streamline their working processes.

Do they need previous experience or qualifications to attend? If yes what:

This course builds upon the Intermediate Excel course so we strongly encourage delegates to complete the Intermediate course first. The course assumes a working knowledge of more complex, nested Excel functions such as IF, AND and OR, fluent use of absolute cell referencing and the ability use named cell ranges and VLOOKUP functions with confidence.


This course is workshop based and will give delegates the opportunity to work with different aspects of advanced Excel with the support of a trainer.

The core focuses of the training are:

  • Creating, using and editing Macros
  • Providing an introduction to VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) general programming concepts
  • Customisation of Excel menus and toolbars
  • Creation of bespoke forecasting and tracking tools using control objects
  • Using of What If? and goal-seeking forecasting analyses
  • Use of Excel Solver (a scenario modelling tool)
  • Creation of advanced charts and use of statistical functions

Please contact to express interest in this course.