Developing Resilience in the Workplace

This course is a highly interactive day of exploring your options for strengthening your resolve and finding how to increase your ability to recover quickly from difficulties, spring back into shape and become tough.

Business and life can be wonderfully inspiring experiences when things are going well. But what happens when storms come. Negative situations and times of testing can come in many shapes and sizes and some people experience stress and anxiety very quickly and find the going tough or even impossible. Others however seem to be made of rock and are able to withstand just about any adversity without losing peace of mind. This one day course will give you all the keys needs to develop a stronger mentality and easier application of coping strategies.

The subject heading for the day will be:

  • Fear or hope – your choice (reframing)
  • Maximising your core values
  • Finding a resilient role model
  • Coping strategies (meditation included)
  • Healthy body and mind
  • How to build on rock, not on sand
  • Choosing a positive self-image
  • Hitting fear head on
  • Setting goals for resilience