ISO Internal Auditor

This interactive training will teach you the tools and techniques of the internal auditor, regardless of the Management System that you run.

No Management System can achieve its potential unless it is constantly monitored and audited.  An audit is a review (or a check) of your procedures and its compulsory elements.  It is a snapshot of the activities that a company undertakes that prove compliance to the standard at the time of the audit.

This course will take delegates through the audit process, using auditing techniques and illustrate issues that may arise within the auditing process and will include:

  • Overview on the management systems to be audited
  • What is the purpose of an audit?
  • How should an audit be approached?
  • Maximise the benefits of monitoring so that the procedures are regularly being controlled.
  • Find and rectify negative trends and maximise positive trends.
  • Discussion about 3rd Party Audits
  • A practical auditing exercise is undertaken by the delegate on a procedure
  • A test will be set and marked

Delegates attending this course may benefit from the Introduction to Management Systems courses prior to attending the Internal Auditor course, to benefit from a better understanding of the standards