Data Security Best Practice

Does your organisation have a robust data security policy in place? Is every one of your staff aware of this policy and following it on and off your premises? All colleagues should have the knowledge required to apply best practice principles in all data-related tasks to adhere to UK law and to safeguard the reputation of their organisation.
Best practice data security training will ensure that staff know how to enter, process, transport, transfer and archive both paper-based and digital data in compliance with the GDPR regulations whether working at company premises, at home or off-site.
This course invites delegates to share their own current best practice in data security procedures as well as allowing them to formulate an individual and organisational action plan to enhance future data security.

The aim of the session is to enable delegates to audit their own data management in order to adhere to best practice in data security.

After completing the training, delegates will be able to:

  • Work securely with paper-based data
  • Work securely with digital data
  • Transfer, transport and archive data securely and appropriately
  • Identify shortfalls in own current data security practice
  • Formulate a personal action plan to achieve best practice in data security and adhere to the GDPR regulations