Redundancy Training and Coaching

It is reckoned that 1 in 3 companies will have to make redundancies over the next few months due to the downturn in the market so many are currently experiencing. Very good companies who have such a high commitment to keeping staff are very sadly simply having to make cuts.

Rather than cutting staff without any help to move forward in careers and lives, it is so helpful to give them a training course which will send them off with some tools and ideas of how to find a future direction. This is a great sign of care and intention to do the very best for staff members at this highly challenging time.

By putting employees on this course you will be equipping them for the future and also showing how much you truly wish them all the best for the future. The final experience will be of a company that did everything it could to help. When the economy improves and re-hiring begins, these employees will know just how much you did everything you could to help them and will be more inclined to return.


By the end of the session delegates will be able to:-

  • Identity learning points from your employment
  • Calculate your budgeting options
  • Identify how to be philosophical rather than personal
  • Plan to leave in a good spirit
  • List your support mechanisms
  • Determine to take steps to wellbeing
  • Scope out your vision for the future
  • Prepare a personal development plan
  • State how a CV is a vital tool for future employment
  • Describe your key selling points
  • Practice interviewing skills