“Organising Meetings & Minute Taking” – Apprentices in Training!

WGTA – Commerce Apprentices – “Organising Meetings and Minute Taking”. The group were asked to take lead roles and hold a meeting to discuss how to plan a fundraising event – Charity chosen Comic Relief. They discussed what type of event to hold i.e. sport day at Nunnery Wood or Bake a Cake day, this included the planning of the event which they discussed the following :- cost/marketing/advertising/admin support etc. on how best to run the event.

The group chose a Chairperson(s) and each learner had a role title to be able to take part of the meeting and follow the agenda. Each individual (learner) was asked to take notes. Afterwards type up the written notes to put into a minutes format/ using templates.

It was good to observe their verbal and written communication skills. Great job everyone!