Excellent feedback for our Workforce Development Team!

Each quarter we evaluate feedback received from our course delegates, whether it be Management training, First aid, IT courses or Health & Safety, we value your opinion!
We use this feedback to calculate our NSP score (Net Score Promoter) and our current score is an amazing 83% 😀
To put that into context a score of 70% is considered “world class” which some of our best know brands haven’t quite reached – Aldi 42%, Nandos 36%, Apple 47%, Coca Cola 20%, Amazon 25%
If you’d like to experience one of our “world class” courses then please visit the Courses section of our website or contact Emma to find out more – emma@hgta.org or 01432 377027.
Here is some of the great feedback we have received across all aspects of course administration and delivery: 
“Kept in contact and was there if I needed”
“Very nice building and lunch every day was delightful”
“Such a good set up”
“One of the best trainers I’ve had the pleasure to learn from”
“Patient, fun, informative, calming”
“Superior knowledge of the course” 
“Easy to talk to”
“Good mix of hands on and discussion”
 “Learnt more than I expected”
“Excited to use what I have learnt”