Key Dates

Recruitment is usually managed by HWGTA, on behalf of local organisations.  Recruitment includes initial assessment testing and interview.  Employers may also recruit their own apprentices and refer them to HWGTA. In this instance the applicant must still undergo the initial assessment and interview process to ensure their suitability for the programme. As a prospective employer you will be sent or invited in to see all relevant details corresponding to suitable candidates.

Engineering programme

All engineering apprentices start training in September every year, in line with the academic year.

The recruitment process begins early in the year and employers are urged to register their interest or intention to recruit an apprentice as early as possible in order to ensure they get access to all applicants before they are secured by other businesses.

Normally the apprentice attends induction with HWGTA in September and then starts the “off the job” training element of their programme, usually returning to their company in June the following year.   This can be altered where appropriate.

The residential week held in the first year of training is normally held in either April or May

Commerce Programme – Business and Administration, Accountancy, Customer Service and Warehousing

Application forms are accepted from potential apprentices throughout the year, but for our main intake from January onwards for programmes starting between July and September of that year.  Accountancy apprentices usually always start in September, whereas others may start in September or at other times in the year, as these programmes are not tied to the academic year.

Normally an apprentice would attend induction with HWGTA before starting with their employer.

The residential week held in the first year of training is normally held in either April or May.