Health and Safety Guidelines

As an apprentice employer you must take all necessary steps for securing the health, safety, and welfare of any apprentice in your care.  This includes young person’s risk assessment, supervision, provision of personal protective equipment, and training.

Any accident or occupational disease affecting an apprentice must be reported to HWGTA for our investigation, so that we may meet our obligation to monitor accidents.

Your apprentice(s) will need an introduction to your company which should include health and safety training, an introduction and briefing on your company policies and procedures, and any expectations you have of them including behaviour, dress code etc.

Every employer must hold Employers Liability Insurance cover which extends to apprentices who work within their organisation.  A copy of this  must be logged with HWGTA

If an apprentice is under 18 years of age but over school leaving age ‘Young Worker’ regulations apply to their working hours.  These state that young workers may not normally work more than 8 hours a day and no more than 40 hours per week.  These hours cannot be averaged out.  (for more information on Young Worker regulations please refer to