Working at heights and ladder safety

Who is this course aimed at?

This course is suitable for any person involved with Working at Height and Ladder Safety in the workplace. The working at height training course will aim to provide the trainee with a working knowledge of how to remain safe in exposed areas of the workplace when working at height, and how to use ladders safely. This includes, but is not limited to, professions such as: Roof workers Tower climbing Solar panel and glass/glazing installation Telecommunications maintenance Window cleaning Gutter cleaning Putting up displays Excavating Shelf stacking Unloading and loading a vehicle Machine maintenance

Do you need previous experience or qualifications to attend this course?

Working at Height training ½ day - 2nd August 2016 No previous experience or qualifications required.

Course Content

Working at height and ladder safety training is essential to ensuring workers are competent to work in any environment that entails any activity at height. Under the working at height regulations 2005, you must (as far as it is reasonably practicable to do so) as an employer train any worker who is working at height on;

  • How to avoid falling,
  • And how to minimise injury to themselves in the event fall.
  Please note that this course is THEORY only and non-practical


  • To identify the factors involved in the assessment and control of the risks associated with working at heights.
  • Understanding of how to apply the hierarchy of control measures to work at height.
  • Understanding of employer and employee duties in ensuring safe work at height procedures.
  • To identify suitable equipment to minimise or eliminate the risk of falls from height.
  • To identify when a ladder can be used and is it suitable for the job
  • Know how to conduct a pre use ladder check


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