The Power Of Influence & Persuasion

Who is this course aimed at?

This one day course outlines the incredible power influence has to move people effectively in their actions, behaviour and opinions. Influence is crucial for management – without it you cannot lead. The more influence you have, the stronger your ability will be to build an effective team and to affect that team with the ideas you feel passionately about.

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None required

Course Content

This course will explain what influence is, how it works and how leaders can develop this skill to maximise their effectiveness in the workplace.   Influencing others to behave in a manner which moves business objectives forward is what causes companies to prosper. Every great business accomplishment comes from the skill of influencing others. Influence is the key to effective sales, marketing, recruitment, training, solving disputes and conflicts, and motivating staff to desire to excel. This course will describe and apply the key elements of how to become influential, and in so doing cause delegates to grow in the power of persuasion and inspiration.   We all have natural influence to various degrees but most people don’t understand how to employ it to reach their goals.  But the leader who is trained in the techniques takes influence to a power-level where all other leadership skills are enhanced, or even exponentially multiplied in effect. Influence can also be used to motivate ourselves and make giant strides forward in self-development. When mastered, influence is a potent force in achieving personal and business objectives.   On completion of this training day leaders will be equipped with the knowledge, insight and techniques of influence. They will move forward from this day and experience a powerful, evolving skill in moving both themselves and their teams forward to accomplish goals which before were seemingly impossible.  


The training will cover the following areas:   •     The definition and history of influence •     Leaders who have shown incredible powers of influence to achieve amazing results •     How influence works and can be the ‘magic key’ to motivating teams •     The principal techniques of influencing: how and when to use them •     How to maintain a level of influence which continually produces great results •     How to influence the most stubborn of individuals/teams •     How to influence with integrity without manipulating •     How to create a culture of influence  


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