Overcoming Every Fear

Who is this course aimed at?

This one day course is for anyone who feels controlled by fear in some form or another. So many people miss out on opportunities to enjoy life to the full because they are held back by deep fear. The course will examine the nature and scope of fear, and then go deeper to identify the actual roots of where fear has come from. By removing the roots of fear the control fear has will be broken.

Do you need previous experience or qualifications to attend this course?

None required

Course Content

Delegates will learn how to discriminate between positive and negative fears and how powerful the mind becomes to combat fear once a clear decision has been made to overcome. Various techniques will be explained and evaluated and a step by step plan made to counter the effects of fear.   This is a very practical course in a highly supportive and sympathetic environment. Delegates will be invited to take part in various tasks to examine and overcome fear. The course will outline how to stay free from fear and how to create a ‘fear-busting’ mind-set which will in future neutralise any fear before it becomes an issue.   This is a day where delegates can expect to make a major move forward in tackling and going beyond fear.


Objectives -            The training will cover the following areas:    

  • What is the difference between positive and negative fear?
  • The difference between what we think we fear and what is actually the source of fear
  • How fear works and what it feels like
  • Some very common but illogical fears
  • What would life be like without fear…that’s the aim!
  • How to identify and remove the roots of fear
  • Making a definite decision to overcome fear – the power of decision
  • How to become immune to fear by reckless boldness


No formal assessment

Car Parking

Available on site


Buffet lunch and Teas / coffees provided.


To make a booking please complete the booking form and return to Melanie Morgan at Melanie@hgta.org