Moving and Assisting People Introduction

Who is this course aimed at?

All care workers who use, or supervise the use of, moving and handling equipment, and assist in the transfer of clients, they must also ensure that they have received adequate health and safety training, in line with Common Induction Standards and Legal Requirements. This moving and handling of people course provides suitable training for all levels of employees who work closely with clients in care homes and other institutions and are assisting clients with transfers. Managers, supervisors and other members of staff should be able to recognise the hazards posed by their work, be able to take action to reduce or eliminate the risks and understand how to follow procedures.

Do you need previous experience or qualifications to attend this course?

No previous experience or qualifications required.   This course is delivered to groups on request. Dates will be agreed during booking.

Course Content

This course is designed to give care workers practical skills and knowledge of the risks surrounding the moving and handling of residents, the relevant laws that must be followed and ensures that everyone in the workplace is competent to carry out their work safely. Approximately 7000 moving and handling injuries are reported each year in health services and social care and around 50% of staff time is spent moving and handling residents, where poor practice can lead to injury of both the employee and the resident.

Mapped against the Common Induction Standards- Skills for Care.


  • Understand how to ensure that the risks of moving and handling are minimised in your organisation.
  • Demonstrate how to assess whether moving and handling can be avoided or minimised.
  • Understand how to identify where a generic or individual risk assessment is required.
  • Understand how and why risk assessments are carried out.
  • Explain the available moving and handling equipment, how it can be used safely and how to maintain it.
  • Demonstrate correct Moving and Assisting Tasks, use of hoist, slings, slide sheets, assisting clients in transfers etc.


Practical and Theory Assessment

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