Interviewing: Recruitment & Selection Training – in Hereford

Who is this course aimed at?

Those seeking to be successful in securing a new job, and those who have the responsibility to choose the correct candidate. Interviewing: Recruitment & Selection Training

Do you need previous experience or qualifications to attend this course?

None required.

Course Content

This one day course looks at interviews from two aspects: the applicant’s skill in achieving the desired position; the interviewer’s skill in evaluating the interviewees. Both those seeking new positions and those offering positions will benefit from this course which will outline how to be confident and give the right answers, as well as how to be assured and ask the right questions. Too often the wrong people are hired and the valuable applicant is turned away. On this day we will consider the confidence, demeanour and preparation it takes to be the successful applicant. Also we discuss the structure, preparation and critical judging skills of the interviewers. A considerable portion of the day will be spent workshopping mock interviews. All candidates will have a turn of being on both sides of the interview process. In this way at the conclusion of the day all delegates will leave with experience as well as knowledge on how to be successful.  


Content of the course includes;

  • Defining what interviewing is: in its broadest sense
  • Analysing why the interview process fails so often - from both sides
  • The 7 Stages to interviewing:
    1. Pre advertising preparation: Defining the role and skills needed
    2. Advertising: Content, location, use of modern techniques
    3. Shortlisting & assessment criteria: including the use of psychometric tests
    4. Interviewing/assessing inc involving others
    5. Decision making who else to involve
    6. Feedback to interviewee
    7. Learning from the process for next time
  • Interviewer skills
  • Role play the interview process
  • Tips for success/looking at specific issues to the company


No formal assessment

Car Parking

Available on site


Buffet lunch and Teas / coffees provided.


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