Feedback and Appraisals Training

Who is this course aimed at?

This one day course is for managers and leaders particularly, but will relate to anyone who wishes to communicate more effectively in the workplace. The process of giving feedback both at a calendared review and as an ongoing practice is fraught with dangers but this course teaches how to address both positive and negative feedback in a bold, caring and constructive way. Genuinely skillful feedback does not avoid difficult issues but rather tackles the issues honestly whilst providing a supportive framework.

Do you need previous experience or qualifications to attend this course?

None required  

Course Content

The central aim of the day is to guide delegates to use the skill of feedback continually in an environment where trust, consideration and mutual appreciation are cornerstones. The progressive leader uses feedback, in the form of praise or correction as a springboard to move all relevant parties forward to the betterment of the company and the individual’s development.   Delegates will learn how to harness the awesome power of praise, making it specific and strategic. This will lead to a ‘blossoming’ of staff motivation. The course will also challenge leaders not to avoid giving difficult feedback but facing it honestly and forthrightly with safety tips for ensuring a positive and productive outcome.   This training day is very much a ‘hands on’ practical day. Role-play will challenge delegates to face various kinds of feedback scenarios and brain-storming (mind showers) will release creative new thoughts on feedback flavours and frameworks.


The training will cover the following areas: • Why giving feedback is an essential for successful leadership • How to create an environment of care and consideration • How building rapport is a priority in giving feedback • Finding the right time, place and mood for feedback • How to keep feedback specific with examples • What to do when feedback begins to go wrong • How to give difficult feedback without flinching • How to build a praise strategy to propel motivation  


No formal assessment

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Buffet lunch and Teas / coffees provided.


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