Emotional Intelligence to Increase Performance

Who is this course aimed at?

Emotional Intelligence is particularly of interest to leaders, parents and anyone who has responsibility over others. It encapsulates the power of motivation, empathy and social skills. A person, team or organisation that wishes to fulfil its potential simply must avail itself of the benefits of Emotional Intelligence. Without Emotional Intelligence any kind of development or success will be seriously hampered.

Do you need previous experience or qualifications to attend this course?

None required

Course Content

Emotional Intelligence begins with self-awareness in the context of personal drivers and psychological control factors. Once awareness is awakened the focus shifts to controlling and developing the emotions to serve the goals and values of individuals and groups. According to the ILM survey of 2012 32% of employers feel their managers lack Emotional Intelligence. This course awakens this knowledge and gives skills in how to utilise Emotional Intelligence to secure business and personal targets.


The training will cover the following areas:

  • Understand different kinds of self-knowledge and where Emotional Intelligence fits in
  • Understand what research says about EI (EQ)
  • The origins of Emotional Intelligence theory
  • Evaluate factors that affect EI
  • Understand the 3 theories of EI: Trait, Ability, Combination
  • Explore the 5 domains of EI
  • The 9 attitudes of leaders with high EI
  • How to discover your EI: Psychometric tests
  • Using EI at work: Leadership, dealing with conflict and managing and motivating people


No formal assessment

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Buffet lunch and Teas / coffees provided.


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