Display Screen Equipment (DSE) – Risk Assessment Training **New Course**

Who is this course aimed at?

Display Screen Equipment (DSE) - Risk Assessment Training Anyone working with computers as part of their normal work routine. DSE in the 21st century can include the use of desktop computers, tablets, notebooks, laptops and mobile phones. This training will enable attendees to go back into company and complete DSE Risk Assessments on all work stations and provide suggestions for improvement. Recommendation for good practice that this training is carried out every 2 years or if the workstation/layout is changed/or user is pregnant or user has been diagnosed with a musculoskeltetal disorder.

Do you need previous experience or qualifications to attend this course?

None required.

To comply with Display screen equipment (DSE) risk assessments are a legal requirement since 1992 (DSE Regulations 1992 & 2002).

The assessments will hopefully reduce musculoskeletal disorders and other ill-health effects which can be caused by poorly-designed workstations.  Delegates who attend this training will be DSE Risk assessors and will then be able to assess individuals within their workplace.

Course Content

This half day Display Screen Equipment Training Course is designed to give workers the skills and knowledge associated with the use of DSE, explaining specifically how to use workstations correctly in order to reduce the health and safety risks and avoid health problems. If display screen equipment is not used correctly it can contribute towards back problems, neck ache, headaches, wrist and arm pain and sight problems. Every employer must ensure that each user at work is provided with adequate training. Anyone who works regularly with display screen equipment and workstations (including computers, laptops and handheld devices) must ensure that they have received sufficient health and safety training. This includes employees who do not habitually use display screen equipment as part of their normal work but will be required to use a workstation at some point.


the training will cover the following areas:

  • An overview of the requirements of the DSE Regulations and highlight the potential problems caused by DSE work; how they are caused and what can be done to rectify them
  • Posture: Address employees posture and ergonomic habits and advise on any change required to improve comfort levels
  • Chair: Assess compliance and assist user with chair adjustment and its best postural use
  • Display Screen: Check at correct height and employee aware of brightness contrast etc.
  • Addressing good keyboard/mouse use and suggesting new methods or hardware if there is an ailment
  • Desk height space and desk management is assessed and advice offered
  • Explain eye sight policy/regulations, assess if user can see screen text clearly and read keyboard clearly
  • Environment; Lighting, Ventilation, Cabling, Glare and clear access to workstation


conduct a risk assessment of a workstation

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