Luxury Customer Service Training – Hereford

Who is this course aimed at?

This one day course is for those businesses where good customer service is simply not good enough. If your business requires something extra, a “luxury” standard of customer care, then this course is for you. It is for anyone who is customer facing, or managing customer facing individuals, who desires customer service skills of the very, very highest quality.

Do you need previous experience or qualifications to attend this course?

None required

Course Content

You only need to go into Hereford, or any city for that matter, and find that customer service is shockingly lacking in most places. Only rarely do you come across a business which makes you feel so welcome and so well cared for that you actually promote their business wherever you go. This is the aim of this course, to take customers up the loyalty ladder with such compelling rapport that they actually feel they have been adopted by your company. Not only will they never look elsewhere for their buying needs, but they will actively tell others on a regular basis how wonderful your people and business are.


The training will cover the following areas:  

  • Where can we see signs of existing luxury customer service?
  • What would luxury customer service look and feel like for your business?
  • Why integrity always comes before luxury service
  • The skills required for luxury customer service
  • How to create customer service miracles
  • How to formulate a luxury customer service strategy and charter
  • How to help customers climb the customer service ladder


Buffet lunch and teas/coffees provided. Please inform us of any special dietary requirements.


To make a booking please complete the booking form and return to Emma Codd at