Confidence in Public Speaking – Stand out as a confident, persuasive & professional speaker

Who is this course aimed at?

This one day course is for just about anyone who has to make a speech, be it on a regular basis or just a one-off. Those attending may range from the Company CEO needing confidence for the Annual Conference Address, or the Best Man wanting not to put his foot in it on that all important day. The HWGTA Confidence in Public Speaking course will make you stand out as someone to be reckoned with. Great leaders have always been great communicators and this course will give you the tools and the practice to ensure you stand-out from the crowd. Be prepared to "wow" people with the speaking prowess!!

Do you need previous experience or qualifications to attend this course?

None required

Course Content

The course offers proven strategies to not only ‘survive’ the experience, but actually to enjoy the whole process. The central aim of the day is to move from fearful to fearless public speaking. The course is very practical and each delegate will have made several speeches by the end of the day in a highly sympathetic and supportive environment. Feedback will be given with coaching to ensure great improvements are made. Delegates will learn how to control the energy caused by apprehension and how to channel this into creating a forceful speech that will be admired by all. The three crucial factors of successful speaking will be examined and methods for practice and fluency will be discussed. Delegates will be shown how to move from a word-for-word note-reading style to how to do without notes completely. All in all, this is a fun day and yet also a powerful day in transforming your whole approach and enjoyment of public speaking.


The training will cover the following areas: •     What are the roots of fear in regard to public speaking? •     Turning a survival mentality into one of enjoyment •     How to look fearless even when you feel fearful •     How to stand up, speak up, and shut up •     Making nervous energy work for you, not against you •     The three essential steps to powerful speeches •     What to do when your mind goes blank •     Techniques for remembering what to say


No formal assessment

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Buffet lunch and Teas / coffees provided.


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