Stuart Wood – General Manager at PumpMaster UK Ltd

Stuart Wood - General Manager at PumpMaster UK Ltd

We have worked with HWGTA for some years now. We usually have one or two Apprentices at a time employed with us.

Of course there are the obvious financial benefits but far more important to our business is the loyalty earned by investing time in these young Apprentices.

Usually we like to see our Apprentices do both Level 2 and Level 3 Business and Administration. This gives us two years to build solid working relationships and instill the values we feel are important as a company.

We also find that we learn from our Apprentices; they bring new ideas and different outlooks and this is vital so we do not become stagnated. The energy brought into the workplace helps lift productivity, inspiring others to up their game. With better productivity comes a greater job satisfaction. It follows that if you have a happy workforce, the image projected by the company is that of an efficient working environment, which of course it is.

The Apprentices we have had over the years have always stayed with us long beyond the end of their Apprenticeship.

We currently have one Apprentice about to start her Level 3 Business and Administration and three other members of staff who came through the Apprenticeship programme. All four employees hold key roles within the company, one of which is a managerial position.


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