Megan Lloyd Level 3 Business Administration Apprentice – NHS

Megan Lloyd Level 3 Business Administration Apprentice -  NHS
Who am I, what stage of my apprenticeship am I in and how old am I?

My name is Megan Lloyd and I am 20 years old. I completed my Level 2 Business Administration apprenticeship with the National Health Service in June 2016 and I am currently 6 months in to my Level 3 apprenticeship.

What school and what I did when I left school?

I began Wolverley CE Secondary School in 2007 where I went on to achieve several GCSE’s and BTEC qualifications. I studied a variety of subjects at Wolverley including, Maths, English, Science, Spanish, Textiles and History. I continued on to Sixth Form at Wolverley which I attended for 3 years.  After not receiving the results I had desired in my second year, I took the decision to re-take my last year and went on to prove to myself that I could achieve the best. I left Wolverley sixth form with A-Levels in Psychology, Law, Business Studies and Hospitality.

When I started my apprenticeship?

After leaving Wolverley I recognised that university was not the right choice for me but knew I wanted to continue with my education and so decided to apply for apprenticeships. I started my Business Administration apprenticeship with the NHS in June 2015 and from the day I started I was made to feel part of the team. Everyone was so welcoming and that really helped me settle in with ease. From the onset I took up a number of roles including, reception duties, booking patients in, answering the telephone and other administrative tasks. I was also given a variety of office duties and responsibilities which enabled me to further develop my skills.

Where am I now?

6 months in to my Level 3 apprenticeship I have learnt and gained considerably from the 18 months that I have worked with the NHS. My apprenticeship has enabled me to develop the skills that I already had and gain many new ones.  In addition to developing my skills I have developed as a person; my confidence has increase significantly. I now work between Worcestershire Royal Hospital and Kidderminster Treatment Centre in the Rheumatology and Ophthalmology departments where I take on a variety of job roles and responsibilities. I thoroughly enjoy being able to work and gain a qualification at the same time.

How does your situation compare to your friends that didn’t do an apprenticeship?

Many of my friends went on to university to study and I felt by not going I wasn’t achieving my full potential but HWGTA made me realise that wasn’t the case.  By doing an apprenticeship you are gaining experience within a work place, something my friends at university may not experience until later on.  An apprenticeship enables you to gain qualifications equivalent to degree level meaning that university isn’t the only path to gain a higher education.

What the apprenticeship has done for me?

Without this apprenticeship I would not have been able to gain the mass variety of skills and comprehensive knowledge that I have. In addition to gaining these skills I have had the opportunity to put these into practice and develop them even further; skills that I will be able to use throughout my future career working life. My apprenticeship has enabled me to grow as a person and gain qualifications that without the apprenticeship I don’t believe I would have achieved. Choosing to do an apprenticeship was most certainly the best decision for me!

What am I striving to achieve in the future?

I aim to go on to complete my 2nd year Business Administration apprenticeship and gain my Level 3 qualification. I would love to stay within the NHS as there are many opportunities to develop and gain new skills. Whether I decide to continue on to a higher level apprenticeship or get a job, I hope to be in a position where I can apply the skills I have learnt over the past 2 years and gain more skills along the way.

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