Jemma Dighton – Mechanical Maintenance Engineer (2nd year)

Jemma Dighton - Mechanical Maintenance Engineer (2nd year)

I’m Jemma and currently a second year Apprentice for Yamazaki Mazak. I came across Mazak through work experience in 2015 whilst I was completing my GCSE’S. After this experience, I decided that Engineering was the pathway I wanted to take for my future career.

Since being employed by Yamazaki Mazak they have taken the time to shape me into the confident female engineer I am today. Through the skills I have gained from the training centre at WGTA (Worcester branch of HWGTA), and the hands on work I have been tasked with whilst in company, I feel that I now have the solid foundation to succeed.

Currently I am working through the various Engineering departments in Mazak learning new skills in each section and taking this knowledge to my final department; Mechanical Maintenance where I wish to base the rest of my education for the next few years.

Deciding to become an Apprentice was the best choice for me. It has given me the experience of working inside a company as well as the theory I have learnt from college.

It is important to understand that it is not just about how much you know, it is about your attitude towards learning, being ready to learn new skills and showing enthusiasm.

Good Luck!

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