Herefordshire and Worcestershire Group Training Association (HWGTA) has, since its formation in 1967, launched thousands of apprentices into highly successful careers.

So if you’re over 16 and looking for the right qualifications, the right job and the right career, then you’ve already made the right decision – to look at our website for the right answers to your questions.

Here we tell you about the benefits of an apprenticeship or, to put it another way, what’s in it for you.

  • You will be paid a salary – you literally earn while you learn
  • You will not get hooked into a student loan
  • You will get paid holidays
  • You will gain invaluable on-the-job work experience
  • You will receive tailor-made training in a purpose-built centre
  • Your training will be crafted to suit your chosen job
  • Your training will kick-start your future career
  • You will gain nationally recognised qualifications
  • You will gain “real work” experience that employers really value
  • There is no cost to you for apprentice training – costs are covered by the government and employers

Salary details

Many employers pay over the minimum wage for apprentices with some starting on salaries of £12,000 a year. Many university students end their training with debts well over this.

Apprentices are paid directly by their employer, and must be paid a minimum of £3.70 per hour. This is the National Minimum Wage for an Apprentice as of October 2018.

This applies to all apprentices under the age of 19, and those who are 19 or over in the first year of their training.  If after completing 12 months of apprenticeship training you are aged 19 (or over), you are then eligible to receive the National Minimum wage for your age group.

For more details on National Minimum Wage please see:

We ask that you are enthusiastic, committed, and prepared to work and study for up to four years to reach the apprenticeship standard you want – and what’s best for you.