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We currently have :
Commercial Apprenticeships
Engineering Apprenticeships


We work with employers in Worcestershire, Herefordshire and the surrounding areas.  During your application you can request which areas of the two counties you would be happy to travel to for work so that we only look to place you with the companies in your chosen area.


If you apply your application will be put to all relevant companies in your chosen subject and location so you don’t need to worry about which companies to apply to, we do all of that for you.


If you are interested in an Apprenticeship please click here for more information on how to apply, and you can request an Application Form by clicking here.


Here is a short list of some of the vacancies we have currently.

This is by no means exclusive, and we continually have new positions and new companies coming on board.



This is an excellent opportunity to work for fast moving and ever expanding Global Company located in Kidderminster.
You will have the opportunity to work in various departments gaining valuable experience and will work towards a Business Administration qualification.
You will find yourself working within various departments which will require the successful candidates to work in with both admin and accountancy based roles.
With this you will be able to develop your numeracy skills and obtain a broad understanding of a business by job rotation.

To apply for this role, please email





On this twelve-month scheme, you’ll support the HR Administration team, working alongside experienced colleagues to get an insight into the systems and processes we use. You will become a valued member of the team, processing reference requests, name badge orders and distributing post. We will help you develop essential office skills such as planning & organising, filing, processing and managing correspondence. At the same time, they’ll support your studies towards an NVQ Level 2 in Business & Administration, which, together with the practical experience you gain, will provide the perfect platform for an exciting career ahead.




You’ll become a valued member of our Finance Team and work alongside experienced colleagues. Over an initial 12 months you will get an insight into the systems and processes Sanctuary use, as well as developing essential office skills, like planning, organising, filing, processing, and managing correspondence. At the same time, they’ll support your studies towards an Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) Level 2 qualification, which, together with the practical experience you gain, will provide the perfect platform for an exciting career ahead.


ILM Level 5 starts in September places still available!!




During this exciting 12 month programme, you will be a key member of Worcester Bosch Group’s payroll team, whilst working towards a NVQ in Business Administration. You will be instrumental in supporting the payroll administrators in the processing of payroll for 16 UK sites, whilst providing administrative support in the processing of expenses for all TTGB associates, including documentation updates in line with HMRC guidelines. This is a really exciting opportunity for anyone who is looking to commit to an exciting career in administration.
*Please note, this vacancy requires A*-B passes in English and Maths.






This is a two part role, working across two areas. The first part is working with our parts structuring team looking at the following areas:
  1. To communicate with other departments to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the MRP system.
  2. To upload CAD or photographic images to the MRP system so that each part has an image attached for visualisation purposes.
  3. To create and manage simple bill of materials (BOMs) for the MRP system.
  4. To ensure design documentation received within Production matches the MRP system requirements.
  5. To communicate with the Assembly Department to update/manage BOMs to suit assembly process changes.
Part two of this role is working with our Mitsubishi parts coordinator helping with the following areas:
  • Supporting the issue of Mitsubishi product to Power Panels. This would require interpretation of excel information, preparing e-mail advising of parts due to be issued, and arranging for parts to be labelled and made available for collection.
  • Prepare documentation to arrange the collection of Mitsubishi kits from offsite warehouses
  • Issuance of Mitsubishi parts to Kitagawa
  • Process the orders for additional Mitsubishi software following spec changes
  • Produce quality report for Mitsubishi relating to quality problems
  1. MRP = Material Requirements Planning system

Engineering Apprenticeships

We are recruiting engineering apprentices for local Engineering Companies. The following opportunities are available:


  • Mechanical Engineering – Mechanical fitters help to build or repair machinery that can make things. Producing and/or fitting parts and equipment together by using drawings or actually finding out the size of components and how they fit.


Pipefitting/Fabrication & Welding – Sheet metal workers change flat sheets of metal into different shapes. They often need to use heavy equipment and cranes in their jobs. Welders use intense heat to join metals together and pipe fitters make piping for carrying gases and liquids.


Electrical Engineering & Electronics – Maintenance Electricians repair and maintain all electrical equipment used in a factory. Electrical fitters install electrical equipment such as switches and fuse boxes, connecting and fitting wires correctly. Electronics involve working with circuits used in electronically controlled equipment and then checking that everything is working properly.


Machining & Toolmaking – Machinists use various tools to shape metal to a high level of accuracy. Turners use lathes that spin pieces of metal at high speeds. Cutting tools are held against the material to shave metal from the surface and produce the required shape. Milling is a process that cuts metal from an object held by a type of clamp, using a revolving cutter. A grinding machine is used to finish work to exactly the correct size. Toolmaking involves making all the special equipment used to produced shaped components, ie car parts.


IT Advanced Excel Training - 1st February 2016

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